My Favorite Holiday

Sorry I didn’t get to post last week.  I left a day early for my sister’s because the weather on Christmas Eve looked pretty crummy.  Did you all have good holidays, did you get what you wanted, did you all get gift certificates from Yarn Gallery?  Lots of people did, that I can swear to.

I’m ready for New Year.  It’s my favorite holiday.  I don’t care about New Year’s Eve, I love the first day of a new year, with all the possibilities still to come.  I’m enjoying my time off very much, and since I’m still on vacation, I’m going to show you these great projects and then get back to being non-yarn-store-lady for a couple more days.

Here’s Suzie Carpenter in a cozy jacket in Alpaca Bouclé.  She looks great in anything, but this jacket is just the right color and fits perfectly:

Suzie Carpenter

Sheila Yarus is a terrific knitter and made this Debbie Bliss design from DB’s Luxury Donegal Tweed.  It’s all in seed stitch – I love the look of it, but don’t like knitting so much of it.  Sheila shows us that it’s worth it.  It’s beautiful and, of course, accessorized perfectly – I wish I could show you a closeup of that pin!

Lynne Nagle crochets like no one I’ve ever seen before!  Her projects are always innovative and exciting – or maybe she just doesn’t bring in all the granny-square afghans (sorry, that was kind of snide, and I shouldn’t be – I like crochet!)  Anyway, here are several examples of Lynne’s beautiful work, always in gorgeous yarns:

This interesting scarf is done in wool/silk Twizzle, hand-dyed by Mountain Colors, and feels heavenly.  Lynne says it wasn’t difficult, but I can’t figure out how it was done:

I love this hat/scarf combo, done is Jitterbug merino from Colinette.  The hat is really cool – I’m into hats right now, they’re fun and interesting to make – it’s not quite a beret,

but very rakish with its slight pouf over the band.

These are absolutely beautiful mitts made from Classic Elite’s Alpaca Sox.  Another skein of it left with Lynne, and I took one home too, after seeing these.

And this is the Dragon shawl, with lace surrounded by a border that resembles scales, and a funky pointed tail.  It’s done in Claudia’s Sportweight merino, and it’s cuddly soft and drapy.  All crocheted!

Debby Andrews has worked hard on this romantic cardigan with lace sleeves, an applied cord border and a perfect ribbon to close it.  You can see how hard work pays off!  The sweater is lovely, in a wool/silk/alpaca blend.

Theresa Hill knit a Napa pullover for her friend Karen (who is modeling and taking the picture, something I’ve tried to do and failed miserably), lengthening the body and sleeves per request.  Such a very good friend – knit to order, and it was done for Christmas!  Theresa is from Delaware and always tries to visit the store when she and her friends come for Jazzfest.  Wonderful job!

And this cabled beauty is worn by another beauty.  Melissa Korth made this sleeveless sweater for her daughter Jen.  I won’t quote what she said while she was shaping the neckline and trying to keep the cables straight!  Another great job by Melissa – and the sweater is good, too.

One more thing – most of the classes are filling up nicely, so don’t delay – if you’re interested in any of them give us a call or stop in ASAP!

Happy new year, one and all.  Hope to see you soon.


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