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July 13, 2009

Monday, July 13th, 2009

You know, the hardest part – actually the only hard part – of writing a post is figuring out a title.  I  sit here and think and think, but I rarely have any particular theme to write on, do I?  I could call every single one Fabulous Yarn and Great Projects and hit the nail on the head.  So I’m going to just throw the date up there from now on.  You don’t care, do you?  I thought not.

I think I’m back in the swing of things again.  I’ve had a lot of time off lately so working five whole days in a row this last week almost killed me, but now I think I can handle it again.  One more weekend off in August, maybe – for some reason, my sisters want to celebrate my birthday together this year.  It’s not a milestone or anything, so I don’t know exactly why.  If they’re anything like me, it’s just a great excuse to eat cake.  Which I intend to.  If and when they firm things up, I’ll let you know.

I have really great projects to show you, but first you have to drool over this beautiful yarn. mille colori big It’s Lang’s Mille Colori Big, 200+ yds of the prettiest chunky wool you ever want to see.  I’ve made a Roman Stripe scarf from it already, love how the colors come up in subtle stripes.  I’ll photograph the scarf this week after I block it.

I showed you the shawl I made from Margaree from Fleece Artist last time while it was being blocked.  Here it is finished and looking pretty darn fabu (if I do say so myself) over a black suit.

margaree shawl

Karen Wenrich just finished this beauty, done in two yarns.  One is a multi-colored cotton tape called Mandy Color and the other is a solid coordinating worsted weight. The sweater is done in an open stitch that makes it wearable even in warm weather, and the other colorways of Mandy are just as pretty.

Mandy sweater

And here is Janet Kakareka, glamming it up (okay, reluctantly, but I’m relentless!) in her Ty-Dy bolero and matching Ty-Dy socks.  She looks so great – must really be enjoying her summer off.  She also did a bunch of other socks, as well as a ton of charity knitting.  The woman gets things done!

Janet in TyDy

J's socks

Chris Dreazen finished this wonderful yoke sweater with coordinating yarns.  The solid is Baby Twist alpaca and the multi is Manos Silk Blend.  The pattern is in Simple Style, fun to make and one of those comfy sweaters you just love to wear.  I love the touch of multi at the wrists.


Alice Batchelder made this adorable set for her granddaughter in Encore Bouclé and Jelli-Beenz and is almost done with a ruffled tank top in Ty-Dy. Lucky little girl!

Alice child set

And brand-new knitter Tamara Cannon completed this Edie’s Wrap in record time.  Love the enthusiasm that new knitters bring to their projects, and doesn’t she look just wonderful?

Tamara edie She should be so proud – she’s already on her way with a second dressier version in black ribbon!

I’ve been busily knitting from Berroco’s newest collection.  Finished the Danielle cardigan. I shortened it – no surprise there, right? – and changed a couple things but essentially loved the design and Sundae (the yarn).  I’m busily working on Anhinga – love this so far, am working it in creamy wool-silk Palace.  So many wonderful designs in this collection.

All right, I must quit gushing and look through my open orders.  I have two sales reps coming this week and even though I already have far too much yarn coming in, there must be something I need, right? Then I have running-around errands to do, grocery shopping – then by golly I’m sitting down to knit.  Meanwhile, the housework gets put off yet again!

See you soon…