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Fantasy Knitting

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

First things first – Geordie is much better.  It wasn’t his heart or lungs – maybe a little infection or virus or reaction to the heat and humidity.  He’s on meds for a little while and is doing very well.  Thanks to everyone who emailed and called!

However, I seem to be having a little problem lately.  I was at the desk in the shop the other day saying to someone: “I love that Haciendo sweater, but it’s a little small for me.”  That phrase sounded rather familiar and it suddenly occurred to me that I had said it a number of times about several projects I had recently completed.   It seems that instead of knitting sweaters in my real size, I’ve been knitting in the size that I want to be!  Fantasy knitting.  There are 2 sensible solutions:  Knit in the size that I really am or become the size I want to knit for.  Which will it be? Easier:  Size up the knitting.  Harder: Size down the Trish.  Hmmm.

This fantasy living is something I do often: I buy groceries for meals that I would like to cook – but never will.  I have a cupboard full of cleaning products that would support the type of housekeeping that I would like to do – but don’t.  A very small part of my wardrobe, if viewed in isolation, would lead a stranger to think that I lead a very expensive, art-filled, high-society kind of existence.  Oh, no.  I don’t.

Here’s a case in point:  My beautiful, perfect Vitamin D sweater is just a bit too small for me.  I can wear it, but look how cute Diane De Jesus looks in it.

Adorable, aren’t they both?  This may be the sweater that gets me into shape. But let’s not hold our breath, okay?  I wouldn’t want you to pass out or anything.

Lynne Nagle crocheted this adorable mobius cowl as a sample for her class on August 20.  It’s so pretty and soft in Liberty Wool – would be gorgeous in Silk Garden or any luxe yarn.  I see many beautiful gifts coming from this design.  There is still room if you’d like to make one – or a dozen:

Here is Jettie Hunt, wearing a beautiful Temis top knit by her sister Marie Haynes (who lives in North or South Carolina depending on the season!)  Marie didn’t think the color suited her so she sent it to Jettie, who looks just great in it.

I wore my Temis (in this color) this past week when it was just so disgustingly hot and I was as comfortable as I could possibly be in 100+ degrees.  Janet just finished a scarf – just plain garter stitch – with 2 balls of this yarn and you can’t believe how pretty it is.

David hasn’t been able to post his pics to the blog lately because of some technical glitch – Janelle at Design Revolution is working on it, something to do with Flickr – but here is one of his latest creations – a pinwheel throw:

It’s gorgeous!  I think he said it was only 77 rounds to knit it, but tricky to get it started in the center with just a few stitches. This is the kind of piece that makes me think of a window seat, a good book, and a rainy afternoon just cool enough to need a cozy cover-up.  I love it.

Nancy Piasecki has been working hard on this stunning vest – a gift for her daughter.  She said she learned so much making it – and what a wonderful gift!  It’s in Berroco’s Sundae from a Freedom Wool booklet.

And in complete contrast, this light and summery piece was knit by Bonnie Warner in Hempathy.  It’s from Vogue Knitting from last summer.  Beautifully done, just in time to wear this season!

Having been nowhere this summer, I’m giving myself some long weekends in August – the store will be closed every Sunday in August.  Classes will still be held on Sundays as scheduled!! but I’m going to visit my sisters and maybe even go someplace fun for a day or two.  Not that my sisters aren’t fun – no, no, I don’t mean that, not at all, no! – but State College and the Baltimore suburbs are, frankly, a whole lot like here.  Anyway, I’m sorry for the inconvenience because I know that Sunday is the best day for some of you to come to the store.  It will all be back to normal after Labor Day, I promise!

See you soon…